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Psychotherapy I Workshops I  Sport Psychology

Studied at

Uskudar American Academy, Bogazici University, and

University of Roehampton, respectively.

Works in the fields of adult psychotherapy and sport psychology.

Accepts his clients in his own psychology centre at Kadıköy, Istanbul.

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50 minutes | Contact for Fee


Born and raised in  Istanbul, lived in various cities and countries, settled back in Istanbul. Completed his academic career at Üsküdar American Academy, Boğaziçi University, and University of Roehampton, respectively. Owns an MSc degree in the field of sport psychology and holds adult psychotherapy certifications.

Mainly centres his practices around the Gestalt psychology and therapy. Completed four years of Gestalt training back in Istanbul.  Holds an internationally acknowledged certificate in EMDR therapy.

Actively works on the subjects of somatization, attachment, loss, grief, anxiety, and unfinished business in adults; as well as an expertise in sport psychology.

Sees his clients at his own psychology centre in Kadıköy, Istanbul.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does an online session work?


Once the appointment is booked, the client and therapist decide on a platform (i.e. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom) to have a video meeting. Both parties block a duration of a whole session - 50 minutes - and pick a secure environment where they won't be interrupted by their surroundings. It is highly recommended that the client picks a comfortable environment with a room of genuine expression.

If the client is starting a new process consent and admission forms are digitally shared and expected to be filled prior to the first session.

How does a therapy work?

Clients are centred in all our services and therapies are tailored according to an individual's needs.  Each client brings in an authentic life experience, hence no standard package would tailor with every client.

Initial meeting is mostly considered as the assessment session where a background information is collected and need assessment is conducted. Then a basic guideline is created for upcoming sessions according to the client's case.

Therapy environment is a safe and non-judgmental environment where the client is free to express every emotion and thought.

How long is each session?

International standards of the therapy and counseling sessions are approximately 50 minutes and we follow this standard.

Depending on the session's progression, it can be ended earlier within the client's consent or certain circumstances it can be extended with a mutual agreement of the therapist and client.

Which techniques do you use?

In therapy, the most important component is the therapeutic bond between the therapist and client. Creating a secure environment is initial to any therapeutic process.


The main school shaping the therapeutic ground is  Gestalt Therapy and Existential approach.


In particular cases, EMDR Therapy is also applied.

What happens if I'm late to a session?

It is the client's responsibility to arrive to the sessions on time. If they are late, the clock keeps running and the rest of the session is conducted within the time left.

How much does each session cost?

Please contact us for the pricing.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment

36 hours prior to your session. Full charge will be applied to later cancellations. This protocol is designed to protect both the therapist and client. In urgent circumstances (i.e. serious health issues), the sessions may be rescheduled after a mutual discussion..

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Osmanağa Mah., Hasırcıbaşı Cad.,

Kadıköy - İSTANBUL

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